Friday, January 30, 2009

Not Every Story Has A Happy Ending

As I sit writing this I am waiting to go over the air field to get on a Blackhawk to go home and be with my wife. Our daughter died in utero sometime over the last few days. We are immensely heart broken and personally I feel as if I can't get home fast enough.

The baby's name was Rebecca Lucy or Lucy Rebecca, the exact placing of the names was an on going discussion for Lisa and I. Lucy was my mom's middle name. In a way it feels like I lost another part of mom. We both know that are a few more difficult days ahead of us before things get better and we have prepared ourselves as best as possible - but the reality of these situations never reflects what you think they will be like.

Not every story has a happy ending but in every sad story there is something to learn. In all of this saddness I have already learned a couple of things to be thankful for. First, the love you give you get back. I love my wife and she is an amazingly strong woman and partner. I could not ask for a better human being to be in my life. That love also came from my Soldiers, who upon hearing the news, dropped what they were doing and literally came by my side. At 2030 (8:30pm) most of my staff and leadership were still in the office. I realized that they weren't leaving until I left. I love these Soliders and try to show them as best as a commander can. They returned that love last night.

Second, I get to see my son, TJ, who is all of 20 months old and a full-on toddler. Despite the emotional weight of this event, I am so glad I get to be his dad for a couple of weeks. Third, Lisa and I discovered as a couple how many friends that we have out there (and here). Through emails and phone calls and visits and dinners prepared for Lisa we have received tremendous support.

It's time to go. Thank you for your prayers good wishes.


Darci said...

Safe travels, Rich. We'll see you when you get home.

Nancy Hatch said...

Rich, We are so sorry to learn of the loss of your little girl. Sometimes our prayers are not answered in the way we would like, but we must have faith that our loving Father will be with you and Lisa every step of the way in the difficult days ahead. Our thoughts and prayers and with you both. Travel safely.
Nancy and Doug Hatch

Rich Brown said...

Follow Up:

After I posted this I walked over to the helo pad and flew from my base at 0845. From there I went to Baghdad to Kuwait. Because I was going home on an emergency I flew on a regular commercial flight from Kuwait City International Airport (my first time in a non-English speaking airport). I landed in Syracuse at 0910 the next day - 33 hours with the time change.

We are doing well. Today and tomorrow will be long, sad days.