Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Army Birthday

Today is the 234th birthday of the United States Army.

We took an unofficial day off by not going into the office for more than three hours during which time we mostly caught up on emails. We also attended a parade put on by the brigade. Another sign the war is coming to an end is when you have time to have a parade, make floats for the parade, bring water guns, throw water balloons, and generally avoid work.

The parade showed the creativity of the Soldiers - although gladiators were a common theme. However, it was the flatbed truck with "The Village People" singing on it that won the commander's cup.

As usual, the dining hall did a phenomenal job of decorating and putting on tons of decent food and I put away my share of lobster tails and shrimp.

The day ended by being able to see Samantha, Lisa, and TJ from my computer with the help of Skype. Another day down. A good day all in all. Happy birthday to the one thing that I have been a part of for all my adult life.

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