Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo Ops

Here are a few random pictures from the deployment so far.

Every morning we raise the flag over our compound. We fly flags special for some of the people and organizations back home that support us with morale and welfare items, cards, and care packages.

This is how I see most of Iraq. From the air, about 700 feet off the ground. Out here is farm land cut through with deep, man made irrigation canals.

The Iraqi fire deptartment. There equipment is basic. They have no "turn out" gear and have to rely on pumper trucks or antiquated fire hydrants. Fortunately, every building here is made of brick. So while the contents of the house burn, the structure itself usually stands.

Meetings. Sometimes I am fully engaged in the dialouge. Other times I get to sit back with the camera and try to find the best angle.

Lunch Arab style, or at least in this case. We all stood. We all used our hands. We all had way too much to eat. The sheik next to me kept digging his fingers into my chicken and stuffed my bread with it so that I would eat more. Thanks, yummy.

The MRAP is the best protection we have against mines and IEDs. Period. It is a monster of a tactical vehicle. Unfortunately for our work, work that is supposed to build relationships, this beast doesn't really say, "we're here to help."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rich, or should I say Major Brown? My name's John Gay, and I'm your new pastor - at least back here in Cortland NY. I thought I'd stop by your blog and tell you hi - and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I've heard a lot about you - and I'd like you to know that your family here (both immediate and church) miss you and love you very much. We're all praying for you and your unit. We'll catch up more some other time - I'm sure you're busy. But please know that you and your troops are being prayed for daily -as are all of our men and women in (and out!) of uniform over there. May the LORD bless you and keep you!