Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am about to go home on Leave; my two week vacation from Iraq!

Rather than tell everyone how excited I am to get out of here, which should be obvious, I thought I'd post some statistics (some useless) that I've been keeping since I was mobilized.

Convoy Missions: 16
Air Missions: 26
Books Read: 15
Rocket Attacks: 6
That Hit: 0
Elections: 1
Former Students Met: 6
Meetings: Lost count
Historical Sites Visited: 1
Memorial Services: 3
USO Visits: 4
Times Shot At: 0
Care Packages Received: 14
From Strangers: 6
Blog Posts: 59
Soldiers Promoted: 7

I am looking forward to getting out of here in the next few days and start the long trip back to the United States. I am looking forward to quality time with my wife and children.

Until mid-May, take care.

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Annemiek said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!