Sunday, March 22, 2009

You're Joking, Right?

"What is Arabic humor like?" I asked one of our interpreters. "Tell me some Iraqi jokes."

He looked at me with a frozen look of horror and promised that he'd have to "research" some jokes and get back to me. He came back a few weeks later with fifteen pages of jokes he looked up on line. He translated them into English from Arabic, so here, without any changes to spelling or punctuation are the best of the best. (Hold on tight)

A wealthy person decided to gift one of the politiicans a flashy car. The politician rejected the offer fearing that it might be considered a bribe. To make it looks OK, the wealthy offered the car for only $20. The politician agreed to take two cars instead of one!!!!

Two Iraqi people were walking down the road when one of them looked into a mirror and said, "Funny, I think I know this guy!"
The other one then looked into the mirror and said, "That's me you idiot!"

Once upon a time an american met with an iraqi and told him proudly our dogs are smarter than yours....
how is that?! the iraqi replied
sit....stand....go there....come here....
the american shouted ordering the dog and the dog followed the orders
nice demo - said the iraqi, but i think our dogs are smarter than this
imposible!! said the american with amazement
OK - said the iraqi, i'll show you how that is. so he took the american to a garage and asked the american: do you see these filthy dogs lying down under the truck?
yes - the american replied, what about them?
well....they are auto-mechanics....the iraqi replied!!!

Saddam's Mosque's Khateeb, "Sheikh Ali" dies and waits in line at the "Janna" Gates. Just ahead of him is a guy in casual wear. Malak (angel) addresses this guy, "Who are you, so that I may know whether or not to admit you to Heaven?"
The guy replies, "I'm kaka Ali, Mini Bus driver from Kefri, Iraq." Malak consults his list, smiles, and says to kaka Ali, "Enter into the Kingdom."
So Iraqi driver enters Heaven and the Sheikh Ali is next in line. He stands erect. Without being asked he proclaims, "I am Sheikh Ali Imam [priest] of Jama in Baghdad for the last 33 years.
Malak consults his list and says, "I am sorry, you are on a waiting list. You have to pass some tests before you get entry to the Kingdom of Heaven."
Sheikh says, "Just a minute. That man was a Mini Bus driver, and you issued him instant entry. But I have to go through more tests. How can this be? Please double check the names."
Malak says, "Up here, we go by results. While you preached, people slept; while he drove, people prayed."

Laughter is universal but humor gets lost in the translation. I hope you found something to laugh about.

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RevKev said...

Classic! Thanks for sharing those, Rich. Hope you were able to experience a bit of the joy of the Resurrection on Easter. You're in our constant prayers!