Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo Ops Part III

I'm happy to report that Soldier morale is up! We received the baseball hats that we ordered, and they look great. Although we can't officially wear them in place of the uniform patrol cap, we can wear them after hours inside our compound. However, I have been caught once or twice sitting behind my desk with mine on.

One of my Soldiers got to shine for our brigade commander during his battlefield circulation visit. Young SPC Garretto, gave the coammder a full briefing on an area targeted for economic development and then took him on a walking tour of the Mahawil market area.

The unknown band, "Cowboy Mouth" came to visit the FOB for a two hour concert. The music was a blend of punk rock techno country - if there is such a thing. The USO sends out comedians, music groups, and athletes to visit and raise the morale of the Soldiers. Even though we get unknown acts, the USO still does a good job of taking care of Soldiers!

This is me in the middle of downtown Mahawil, just north of Hilla, Iraq. The streets are packed with merchants, shoppers, delivery trucks, food, animals. The people pass by us as if we are neither a friend or a threat and intermingle among us without a care. It makes me feel both tense to have no stand off distance and safe that there is less a likelihood of danger walking next to them.

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RevKev said...


Thanks so much for your faithful posting. It's so interesting to see what you're up to there and also helpful to hear how your whole group is doing. Mandy and I continuing to pray for you and Lisa during this time. I'm praying Philippians 4:6-7 for each of you.

God's peace be with you and your troops.

In Christ,