Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Air

Red Air is a status indicator we use to describe the conditions for pilots to fly helicopters in; Green is good, Amber implies caution, Red means that helicopters cannot fly. Red Air is also a phenomenon to describe the dust storms that blow in from the west.

The pictures above are of a dust storm and were taken within minutes of each other late in the day. The first shows the dust that looks a lot like fog. The graininess of the photo comes from the particulate that’s in the air. The sky looks rose colored.

The second picture used a flash (that caught the dust in the reflection) and catches the real color of the sky, an orange to reddish color. It’s an eerie color that seems unnatural, as if the picture were taken on Mars.

The wind blows that dust and it manages to get into everything and seems to pass through doors, walls, and windows leaving a fine coat of filth on everything - including our lungs.

We work, walk, and live in these conditions; they last a day or two and go away.

It may not be Mars, but it is another world.

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