Saturday, August 1, 2009

This One Goes Home. This One Goes to 5000.

August 1, 2009, we depart Iraq sometime this month. Insha Allah. The first day of August came like any other day lately. I found myself up before I needed to be, but rested enough not to fall back asleep. I poked my head out the front door of my CHU. The mornings are cool lately. Two days after a big dust storm and the really bad heat hasn’t crept back in from the southwest; at least not yet. I get my shower, dress, and go to breakfast. For the past two months I rode to breakfast with a guy I worked with. Since he went home last week, I find it more pleasurable to walk the quarter mile to chow.

Breakfast is joined by the usual suspects; the Chaplain, the Information Operations officer, the Fire Effects warrant officer, and some of my guys. Good coffee, eggs or French toast (with strawberries), and more coffee. We try not to talk about work like it’s an unofficial rule of the club – we break it often. With an unannounced acknowledgement we all leave together for the 0800 Battle Update Brief where we’ll officially start the day.

On my way I stop by my office to start up my computers; one for unclassified information and the web, and the other for classified to secret information. There, on the desk, is my calendar underneath some other papers. And I realize as I turn the page, this is the last month I am spending in Iraq.

Bam. A tingle of elation. Lisa, Sam, TJ. Wow.

I have enjoyed writing for the fifteen months. Even though there were longer periods without entries it was only because the war is getting boring – and that is such a good thing. This blog has had over 4,500 visits. I would like to shoot for 5000 because I am vain like that.

In the home stretch tell your friends and send them the link. Because there is a lot happening now I will try to post more often. For example, tomorrow night I am sitting the chaplain down to watch The Godfather for the first time.

I will write right up the day I walk in the front door.


lelo said...

I found your blog because your family member, Linda B., posted it on Facebook. As you get ready to come home, know that there are many here who appreciate the tremendous sacrifice you have made for all of us. Thank you and safe travels soldier.

Lori C.

Kathryn said...

I don't know you, but I knew your wonderful wife years ago at Seafarer, and I have followed your story through her FaceBook account. Saw where you were headed home this month, and I just wanted to say GOD BLESS YOU and SAFE TRAVELS! Thank you for for all you have done - I know you can't wait to get home to your beautiful family - Lisa is a special lady so I know you are an exceptional guy too because she would never settle for anything less!

Paige said...

I found your blog because of your mother-in-law, Betty. I met her several years ago through my mother, Helen. Thank you so much for your sacrifice so my family and I can continue to enjoy freedom. Thanks again and stay safe and God bless!!

Paige Hornsby